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This page allows the workers to see the pictures of themselves and their fellow workers on the "JOB".

Many guys work here for 30 years and never have a picture of themselves on the job and they have nothing to show their Grandchildren. So I am attempting to put some spice into their lives. Feel free to download the pictures you find here and if you know a friend who don't have access to the internet please pass the pictures along.

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We are going to start off with "The Monk's Retirement" February 1999

And "No, I was not the legendary Kilroy"

These pictures were taken in the Mixing Department lunchroom where Dinner

(click on the picture to enlarge)

  this is Mrs. Monk (Verna)    and Son Jeff.

You all know who this is. (They built the plant around him)

  "The Kiss" there's some traditions at General Tire no one can avoid. (just ask Chico)

Speaking of Chico he has retired also, a short time ago and here he is when he was on the job.         All Chico did was eat and oh yes, play spades and I admit he was quite good at it but then again when you play spades every break and lunch hour for 30 years you will learn the game better than everyone else.

also when he was kissed

Here's the pictures of my retirement dinner



Here are some of the items I made in my spare time at GT. Most maintenance men make something or another at the plant where they work. Well I am no different. My Father, a welder in Detroit, made a bank in the shape of a house out of sheet metal and many rings from stainless steel rods. Well, I am going to show you "some" of the things I made and later I'll tell some stories of my time at GT. 22 years of good times. The first item shown is the last item I made there and is a bit rusty from lots of good use:

    of course it was from scrap metal. I guess that was my major complaint, in all the 22 years there was the things thrown away that I thought could have been salvaged. I know it was not economical to salvage used items. but still....

here's a jewel I made from a Belted Jumbo I purchased in 1970 something. I used it on a Chevy van (yep the yellow one I drove for many years) I took the tire off when I junked the van and made a swing for my Grandchildren and of course for the birds to set on,

circa 1995 circa 1979 circa 183-4


    remember when macramé was the in thing. this was made from the nylon cord that's in the tire belt. (steel was too hard to work with) We made guitar strings with the steel. (heh heh)

it's called saving for your retirement...

  Remember the "wire sculptures"

and the money changer. The nurse show me this one from a festival she went to in the smokies. So I went to the carpenter shop and knocked out a few dozen.




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